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Banc De Binary was the first binary options brokers to recognize that not all learners are created equal. While some are perfectly at home wading through forbidding wads of text, others are in possession of different perceptual ratios and are much better suited to auditory or visual learning. To this end Banc De Binary has invested a great deal of time and money in order to provide their customers with the very best audiovisual content. Today a newbie trader can learn everything they need to know about the markets and how to trade binary options without ever having to read a single page of prose.

Banc De Binary features their very own Lion Academy which features an extremely impressive back catalogue of educational videos starting from the basic up to the most advanced topics and courses so whatever your previous trading experience is, there’s still room for improvement so you can become a more skilled and educated investor.

Beginner videos start at the very basics with an introduction to the trading markets which are presented in layman’s terms and this progress into various important topics such as trading psychology, strategy and analysis. And as you continue with the course, you will be taken to the more advanced levels so you can become an advanced trader.

However the advanced educational videos are only accessible if you’re a Banc De Binary member so make sure to sign-up for a free account so you can view the full selection of videos in each category. You will find everything there from introductory tutorials, interviews with their experienced brokers, to weekly market analysis reports. This is a very forward-thinking move by a company that has made it their business to stay a few steps ahead of the pack.

As well as an ever-growing collection of educational videos Banc De Binary also have their own Internet radio channel accessible from their homepage. On Banc De Binary radio you will be treated to daily market news, audio versions of all their videos, company news and updates, as well as a few great jazz tracks thrown in for good measure. In addition to the radio channel the company also has its own podcast that is steadily growing in popularity among Banc De Binary members the world over.

This focuses on all types of content and not just textual. It has made what may seem at a distance to be a forbidding area to be simple and accessible for thousands of people. We advise you to look through as much of this material as possible before you begin to trade with your own funds. It will provide you with an essential induction into the world of binary options.

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