Trading Guide

Here are 10 simple steps that you need to follow so you can place binary option trades in the money with Banc De Binary.

  1. Know what’s happening in the world. Read everything you can about the markets. Make sure to visit the Banc de Binary Blog so you can be updated on what’s happening with the hottest business and political trends. This is also a great source of daily news and analysis from real financial experts so make sure to visit this website first thing in the morning to be updated.
  2. Use fundamental analysis to isolate an asset that is going to show some predictable movement. You may check out Banc de Binary’s Market Analysis to get the experts’ view on when a particular asset is going to move and on which direction. In this way, you will be more guided and informed on the possible outcome of an asset at a specific period or timeline.
  3. Talk to your Banc De Binary account manager. These people serves as you guide and are there to mentor you so you can have the experience that you need to make the right trades at the right time.
  4. Log in to your secured Banc de Binary account. Banc De Binary is one of the very first licensed binary options brokerage in the world (CySEC license 188/13) with all client accounts fully-protected by the Investor Compensation Fund so your money is insured and protected.
  5. Select your chosen asset. Currency pairs are best for novice investors because a great deal of valuable economic data is released every day. It is important that you understand the characteristics of each asset and choosing the right one will be based on your specific knowledge of how the assets react on certain conditions.
  6. Click Call or Put, depending on the outcome of your research. If you think that the price of the asset will be higher than its current market value then placing a Call is recommended but if you believe that the price will be lower then placing a Put option is the choice.
  7. Enter the amount you wish to trade. You can place a little as $1 or as much as $8000. Banc de Binary is actually one of the very few brokers in the market that accepts a very low investment size. This is a good advantage to effectively manage your funds.
  8. Enter an expiry time for your trade. You totally have control because the platform has a very flexible expiry range so you can set it from as short as 30 second to 1 year.
  9. Once you have decided on which amount to invest your trade, click on Apply.
  10. Wait for your option to expire and enjoy your profit which can range from 65 to 91%!


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